Saturday, June 13, 2009


MG having fun on his Fargo.

Wills, MG and I hit some gravel Northeast of town and eventually rolled into Palmyra, Nebraska to discover the Old Settler's Picnic. Tractors, fun house, carnival games, flea market, softball tournament, parade, tractor pull, donkey polo, and funnel cakes. Slice of Americana.

A concrete Lancaster County sign that has probably stood for 100 years at the Otoe/Lancaster County border finally toppled over. The last time I passed this sign during the winter is was standing. Vandals? Wind? Or just plain ole deterioration? Whatever the case, it should be resurrected. I tried lifting way.

Got some bad news from my doc the other day. I need to get in contact with a surgeon to get my issue resolved. I plan on trying to gut it out the rest of the year and have the surgery this winter. Hopefully that'll work.

Since the Psycowpath race for tomorrow has been postponed, the Bacon Ride is on the docket! Mopac Trailhead tomorrow morning at 6 AM. Probably try to get to Platte early enough to ride a lap or two. I gotta try out the new wheels!


cvo said...

dude, that sucks.

have the surgery

heal up this summer with me in Yosemite, a little bike, a little hike, lots of camping fun downtime with Sonia, Chilli, Alma, and me.

or suffer through the rest of the season, maybe make it worse, and recover with me in Mexico this winter.

I'm still trying to get to the dakota 50

Cornbread said...

Yosemite sounds like fun. I'd like to get up there to see ya.

How far is Yosemite from Spearfish? You should ride there!

RD said...

see you in Ponca.
if you could grab two shirts for me that would be awesome large size.

Cornbread said...

Hey Rafal! Craig will bring a couple PCL shirts for ya.

See ya Saturday!

MG said...

Fargo FREERIDE! Thanks for the pics Cornbread. It was great riding with you that day. Bummer I'm not gonna' get to hit the 155 with you tomorrow, but I'll see you up in Ponca tomorrow night.

It'll be a fun weekend.