Monday, June 22, 2009

Ponca Ride 2009

The weekend has left me a bit haggard, so the post is gonna be short for now. The Cliff's Notes version of the Ponca Ride....Friday 4 AM start postponed to 7 AM due to rain/thunderstorms. Seven of us took off from D Street and rode soft gravel for less than 10 miles before deciding to hit the shoulder of the Hwy 79. Made it to North Bend for a late breakfast and continued on highways for the majority of the day. We got hit by rain and had soagy chamois for several hours of the day. We were fortunate to hit 15 to 20 miles of the best gravel sections while barely escaping another rain storm. Four of us made it to Ponca.

No one rode back this year due to incessant rain. Maybe we'll give it another shot later this year.


mw said...

can't wait to see your big post buddy. thanks (as always) for taking pics. great memories from this one.

ponca ride lives on!!!

mw said...

how'd you do at the race?

Beerorkid said...

you fellas are badass