Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back on the bike...well, kinda

The body is beginning to heal. After a week off the bike I was able to get out for a few miles this past weekend and also rode to work Monday and Tuesday. It's amazing how much better I feel after getting out for a few rides. Taking a week off was a real bummer. Especially after a big event like Dirty Kanza. Going from big weekly miles to no miles is not ideal this time of year. The Ponca Ride is just around the corner and I really want to ride up and back again this year.

Things are progressing nicely, but I'm still a bit tender to say the least. Probably will need to have something done this winter to fix the issue. Until then I'll just put up with it. So if you see me wincing occasionally or fidgeting on the saddle trying to find a sweet spot, you'll know why.

Maybe I could just double chamois it the rest of the year. Or how about a triple chamois. Has anyone tried that? Or maybe a nice big fluffy layer of Charmin. Yay Charmin!


Joe Fox said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. I'm just now fully recovered from last weekend...but the ride took a toll on my backside as well.
Ride info is finally up. www.farmhouseclassic.blogspot.com

scott showen said...

please don't update us with any pictures.

Mike J said...

I'm with scott, please no pictures.

NNs said...

Scott sounds more interested than he leads on. Curiosity kills the cat. Charmin works wonders but sucks in the rain. I've found a worn out gel saddle with several layers of duct tape to be the most effective all-arounder. The wider the better.

MG said...

Wow... Never tried the Charmin bit and I don't know... It seems a bit speculative unless you have quite a bit of post-anal drip.

I empathize with you, my friend. I haven't had to deal with a situation as bad as yours has gotten. I was fortunate enough to make it through two DK200s and TI this year on one chamois and a dab of Assos for each race. Crazy luck for sure...

Good luck Corey,

Meetzorp said...

As awkward as it has to be to receive advice about your butt from strange women, I do have a suggestion that might save your rear in the future:

Tea Tree Oil.

It smells like all unholy hell, but it's amazing at healing up saddle sores, as well as more benign zits, rashes, and other blemishes. It saved both of our asses on Joel's and my coast-to-coast tour. Just dab a little on any offending spot after you shower up, before you ride, and before you go to bed.

It should help heal you up pretty darn toute suite and prevent further furuncles.

Cornbread said...

Don't worry everyone...no pics.

Meetzorp, thanks for the advice. I'll give the Tea Tree Oil a try.