Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wilderness Park - Ring that bell

Hit the park for a bit after work today. It's lookin' great. The dirt is really fast right now. The vegetation is coming in thick and obstructing the line of sight around many of the corners. That's one of the hazards of the Spring growth. A bell is a necessity to avoid head-on collisions. Be sure to ring yours prior to the corners and keep your eyes peeled for on coming traffic.


jim craig said...

Are there any trees down? Having a trail run from 14th & Rokeby on May 30th.
Have to survive the 12 Hour first.

Cornbread said...

Hey Jim! Welcome back from Chadron.

No, I didn't notice any trees down on the biker side. The trails are in great shape.

CJ said...

Rode the park out and back 3 times with Draus on Saturday. Mega fast and mega grown over now compared to just a month ago. Lots of bell ringing goin on.

Peace out

MG said...

Mowing has started in the park... Thank you!!!

I'm going to go through with clippers Thursday night (5/28) and trim back the branches out of the line-of-sight, so if you see me stopped in the trail, please try not to tag me!