Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prognosis - good

Aren't Xrays cool?

Went to the orthopedic doc today. I've been instructed to "take it easy" for awhile. Hopefully taking it easy for a few weeks will suffice. Trans Iowa is looming.


Ben said...

Good to hear my man, may your knee be free of pops and your cranks always spin easy.

cvo said...

Congrats dude,

but I don't think your capable of taking it easy..

I wish I had your drive to be on the bike 1/2 as much.

good luck man.
see ya in aug / sept

mw said...

you can see all kinds of stuff in that image. tissue, ewww.

EB said...

Awww Yeah.... Cant wait to pedal w/ ya on May 2-3

Rest up Brotha!

Steve Fuller said...

Cornbread, here's to a quick and speedy recovery. Hope to see you ready to roll on May 2.

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