Sunday, March 22, 2009


Another beautiful day on the bike. It's March, right? I don't ever recall having such a terrible sun burn this early in the year. Nate feels my pain. Aloe vera buddy.

Stoked to ride with a few buddies that I haven't ridden with for quite some time. Skip, Nate and Jesse were two for two this weekend as ride buddies. Great riding and chatting with you guys. Let's do it again next weekend.

Troy leading the charge before having to turn around for work. We hit another dirt road today on the way out to Wagon Train. Stagecoach road has a nice stretch of dirt that we'll probably ride for the Tour of Dirt Roads on April 11th.

Rode some dirt at Wagon Train and checked out a few new sections that Jim Craig and company have been working on. Sweet stuff. I'm excited to get out there more often this year. The trails were a bit soft today, but rideable.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed to see that a horse(s) had been ridden on a majority of the trail when it was muddy. Two to three inch deep horse hoof craters littered the single track for a majority of the trail with some sections completely destroyed. The sweet spot is seriously messed up. Very frustrating to see this considering all the time and effort folks have put into the trails. Yes, the trails are multipurpose use, but common sense and a little courtesy to those who ride bicycles on the trails would be nice. I hope it smooths out this year.


Harp said...

There's a lot of horse track damage in wilderness too.

Cornbread said...

Dang it!