Sunday, March 29, 2009

Branched Oak Area 1 Saturday - Gage County gravel Sunday

A small crew headed out from D Street on Saturday morning with Branched Oak Area 7 in mind. Three flats in town before hitting gravel put us behind schedule. Jeff, Jim and I got separated from the rest of the crew, so we ended up doing a lap at Area 1 at Branched Oak.

The single track is in need of some work at Area 1. Erosion, the windy weather, and horses have done a number on the trail. A lot of the old lines are gone due erosion and horse traffic. One tree and a very large thicket blocked the trail as well (see pics below). The tighter single track was in good shape due the to fact the horse can't ride through it because of the low hanging branches.

Pic of Jeff prior to him bunny hopping the down trees. Chainsaw needed for this pile.

Jeff also bunny hopped this thicket. A bulldozer or dynamite needed for this pile.

Sunday was PCL Tour of Dirt Roads recon part II. Found another dirt road in Gage County that we'll be hitting on April 11th.

Spotted several hunters out walking a field for pheasants. They kicked up a rooster which nestled in some brush next to the gravel road. We went down to investigate and found the pheasant sitting tight. Can you see it in the pic above? I got within three feet of it before it broke and ran into the field.

Lots of dirt and MMR's in Gage County. South 38th road in Gage County is bitchin'. Highly recommend.


Harp said...

I rode BO area 1 this morning. It seems that every trail around has been torn up by horses this spring.

Cornbread said...

Darn horses. Area 7 at Branched Oak is free of horse damage. Check it out!