Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angry Cow Adventures Panama MTB Enduro

A small group rolled out on the crushed limestone of the Homestead trail after a cup of coffee at Meadowlark. We got rained on a bit on the way out, but made good time to Panama for the Angry Cow Adventures Panama MTB Enduro.

Objective for the day: Find the flags. Seven of 'em. Scattered across the countryside via gravel roads, dirt roads, and singletrack by Jim and company. Find 'em, punch your card, and be the first back to Panama.

Well, that was the racers objective....mine was to have fun and help anyone in need. Luckily, everyone seemed to be doing just fine and no problems arose.

Midwest Wheelmasters Cycling Team - Trevor, Troy and Schmidty
A very fast and classy group of guys who went on to win the team event with Jesse as the fourth man

KKS sportin' the new Cycle Works/Moose's Tooth Grassroots race team kit. Very sharp. Hats off to Jesse for the design. Kris and Kevin Berry teamed up for a two man team.

Third place finisher on the day, James Blake getting ready for the race. Great race James! Very impressive. You put the hurt on some folks today.

Hey! It's Kev and Nate!

93 folks lined up for the start today. Impressive! The race was stationed out of the Panama Fire Department. They had to move the fire trucks out of the building to allow for race set up. Thanks!

Neutral roll out out of downtown Panama

Professional photographers from as well as Laurel Ahlman were on the course throughout the day snapping pics.

That's a long string of riders. A pic just before the end of the neutral roll out. Things got fast after this pic. Real fast.

One of the flags on the course. Taylor punching his card.

Hey! It's Kev and Nate! Again! Awesomeness.

Kris and Kevin heading into the singletrack on the West side of Wagon Train Lake. Jim and company have been putting in a lot of time out on the trails at Wagon Train. New singletrack! I'm excited to get out there soon and check 'em out.

The Master of Ceremonies - are you blowing me a kiss?

Troy displaying the Best Prize ever!

Rollin' back to Lincoln with a stiff tailwind. Wrapping up another great day on the bike. Two for two this weekend. Thanks for a great weekend folks!


millhouse said...

Thanks for helping out yesterday!

Harp said...

Nice talking to you for a sec after the race. Thanks for helping put these things on.

Cornbread said...

Good to see you fellas at Panama last week. I would have liked to chat more, but the posse was rollin'. One of these days I'll officially introduce myself.