Saturday, February 28, 2009


The park was bitchin' this morning. Jim hit the park early and laid down the virgin tracks. The first pass through the park was really tough. Lots of dabs and detours off into the brush. Four inches of fresh powdery snow made it tough to find the line. I'm pretty sure we all went down at least once.
Hi Troy!
Stopped and took some pics in our favorite section of the park (the long straight away through the trees after the bridge on Pioneers).

We've come up with a new definition of "going down" (no, not that going down). At least one elbow and one shoulder must hit the ground for a crash to be official. All others are just "dabs". I went down twice today. One soft and one bone jarring body check.
Hi Jim!
Picked up Jim prior to the creek crossing. Thanks for laying down some tracks Jim!
Hi Matt!
Drop bar fixie in four inches of snow on single track. Totally rad.
Hi Kev!
Linked up with Kevin near the half way point and rode out to Pioneers. Much better going back through on our previously laid tracks. Tomorrow should be great. We'll see if my knee and hip feel better by tomorrow. As of now, I probably need to take a day off and heal up.

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jxw said...

Real good day in the park! Started to freeze up a little on the way back. 4.5 hrs. netted very near 40m. all trudging through the snow. Tomorrow will be sweet again, hope to see ya. MW, call anytime about the helmet.