Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sssssuper Sunday

Had a smaller crew this morning. Seven of us rolled out of D Street around 8:15 and headed North to link up with Darin. Original plan was Valipraiso, but that got shot down. As we headed North the general consensus was Ceresco. Paul had the sweet route and we ended up on a nice dirt road with a couple of fun rollers.
Old school concrete marker near North 40th near Ceresco. There are several of these markers surrounding Lincoln. I know of two others Southeast of town. Has anyone spotted one to the Southwest?
Tornado damage from last year near Ceresco. Lots of debris still hangin' around the area.
Refueled at the Squeegee in Ceresco. They didn't have any RC Cola. What's up wit dat?
Rolled a bit to the East and came back on 84th and eventually 70th street.
Need a rocket engine? Look no further. Once an ICBM, now can be yours! There's a whole slew of practical uses for a rocket. This guy once had it strapped to the back of his fifth wheel for better gas mileage. Now that gas is under 2 bucks he decided to part with it. I'm sure it won't be there by the end of the day. Someone is gonna snag that bad daddy and have some fun.

I asked him how much he wanted for the warhead, but he said he was saving it for the Fourth of July. That will be quite a show!


Endurosnob said...

I haven't spotted one to the Southwest, but let's get together and go find it.

Ben said...

I need that rocket engine for Kanza. Yup, my "secret weapon" for getting a sub 10 second time on the ride.

Wonder if it'd fit on the back of a Big Dummy? Oliver??

EB said...

Saturday Lincoln&Omaha Crew meet up to form Team Nebraska?


Cornbread said...

Skip, definitely.

Ben, rocket bikes rule.

Eric, probably not this week, but maybe the week afterwards. We can call it the "East meets West ride". Let's put out feelers over the next week and see who is interested. How about meeting at The Round the Bend Steakhouse in South Bend at 11 AM Valentine's Day. Drink some beers and ride home.

EB said...

I like It!I love it! I want smore of it!
We'll test the waters and chat about it soon-