Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Gravel

Another great crew showed up this morning for the ride. DK counted 18. Picked up Schlake North of town to make 19. Had a few of folks show up for their first 2009 Saturday morning ride this week, Aaron Pool, Jay Thomas, and Jon Vondracek. Good to see you fellas again. Wes even stopped by for a bit to let us know that Wilderness wasn't ridable. Thanks dude. Hopefully we'll see you again soon for a ride.

It was a beautiful day to be on the bike. Aaron, Troy and I made it to Brainard to check out the Raskey Honda shop. Cool stuff. We ventured back on the crushed limestone trail from Brainard and jumped on gravel in Loma (which isn't even on the Google map). The Bohemian Alps were tough, but were much more fun with a tail wind. Another pit stop in Valiparaiso was in order as rolled through town. Ended up hitting the same convenience store that we hit earlier. Just can't get enough of those 89 cent RC Colas.

Thanks again to all that came along. How about a shorter one tomorrow? Weather is forecast out of the East. Palmyra?


jxw said...

Top ten ride of this year for me. Perfect weather,lively group,monster hills,homeward tailwind,fun stuff. Dra and I got chased by a goose and two dogs at the same time, they were working together.

jamesb said...

i plan to stop by at 745 tomorrow