Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obligatory post

Thanks to those that stopped by this morning for the ride. Great crew. Even picked up a new face (Alex) out in the park. The snow was a lot fluffier than expected and provided quite a challenge. I went down once really hard and had more dabs than I'd like to tally. Also had several detours off into the bushes during the ride. My front wheel would hit a berm and take me off on a bushwhacking expedition. Did a lot of cursing and laughing at the same time. It was a lot of fun. We'll see how this afternoon's melt treats the park.

Ran into several skiers out in the park. Snow must have been perfect for the XC skiing. Hope all skiers had a great day. Also hope we didn't mess up any ski tracks.

Troy and I hit gravel for a bit. The melt had begun and it was sloppy. Ran across this Husker formation near Denton road.

More of the same tomorrow. I'd like to hit some gravel tomorrow. The park may be ridable as well. Coffee at 7:45. All are welcome.

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