Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three hours of frigid fun


NNs said...

Nice beard. Mine was getting pretty beardy but had to trim it down today. Was starting to save a portion of each of my meals in it. Looks fun.

Scott Cole said...

Way to brave the weather...I rode three out of five days outside this week and will be on the trainer today since the high only hit the "BIG ZERO" mark with a nasty windchill.

EB said...

Oh Yeah, I would of been there but I delivered all day
It was purdy good!

mw said...

thanks for taking pics, bro. i borrowed some for the soulcraft site.

Cornbread said...

NNs, got your message the other day. I've got you covered. I'll be sure to tell your potential landlord that you never paid rent, parked your car on the lawn, and dealt drugs from your room. When you gonna be in town again?

Scott, I've had my trainer set up, but haven't used it much. A few of us were talking about how much more difficult it is to ride year round for folks in your neck of the woods. I consider ourselves lucky to only have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

Eric, delivering sandwiches! Do you deliver to Lincoln? I'll take a number 3.

Matt, no problem duder. You're always welcome to any pics I take. That's why I take 'em. See you tomorrow morning gb.