Sunday, January 25, 2009


Six headed out this morning from D Street. James Blake made the ride as well as Craig. The temp was around ten degrees warmer this morning compared to yesterday. Hands and feet didn't freeze today. Ski goggles were a benefit again today.

Craig on the 29er. The big wheels were advantageous in the snow and ice. The larger contact surface created by the larger diameter wheel/tire keep you going where you wanna.

James lost a pedal on the first section of singletrack before the first bridge. The pedal spindle was still there, but the pedal body was M.I.A. If you find a Eggbeater in the park, give James a shout.

James didn't let the lack of a pedal ruin his ride. He rode all the way through the biker side, through the EP side and back to 14th Street before heading home. Well done!

We stopped at the old RR tracks near Hwy 77 to regroup and I snapped some pics of the pseudo-political graffiti.

The biker side of Wilderness is in great shape. Several icy patches, but for the most part it's ripper fast. The snow is light enough that it doesn't offer too much resistance. I rode the 29er today and was able to keep the tempo and bike up. Troy rode his cross bike again today and did fine. There were only a couple of crashes today.

The EP side is really fast. I didn't see any ice. Should be great the rest of the week. Night ride this week would be sweet. Any game?

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jxw said...

I might do a night lap Tues. night.