Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday morning ride sponsored by Troy and the Cookie Monster

Troy roasted up some beans last weekend and dropped them off on Sunday. DK made a big dent in the coffee during the week, but there was plenty left for Saturday morning. No more Folgers instant!
Butch, you are truly awesome. He called me on Friday evening and said he needed to drop something off for the Saturday morning ride. He shows up with fresh from the oven cookies and some coffee from The Coffee House. Then he commences to tell me that he probably won't be able to make the ride in the morning. What a great guy. Butch, you have a special spot in Bike Heaven.
Another great turnout this week. The final headcount was 16. In alphabetical order...Bryan, Bonsall, Chapman, Chris, Coach, Cornbread, Craig, DK, Fobben, Gast, Gersib, MA, Troy, Wes (thanks for the donuts by the way), Wills, and Winkepleck.
The roads weren't too slick as we left town. Gravel was dry in the morning, but soft on the way back. Rear fenders were beneficial with all the gravel flyin' today. I definitely got my Recommend Daily Allowance of Nebraska gravel this morning.
Rolling by the Denton dirt track. At one time there were MTB races on that track. I've never ridden it, but I hear it's bitchin'. Maybe someday it'll open back up to MTB's.
The group splintered into three groups. One went to Crete, another went out West in search of an illusive stone marker (I wanna see photographic evidence!), and the third group (Craig, Gersib, Troy, Wes and myself) went onto Wilber for Kolaces.

The Wilber Bakery has great Kolaces for 75 cents. Unfortunately, the Casey's in Wilber has the expensive ($1.49) RC colas. What's up wit dat? Price fixin' at all the local convenience stores?
Two of the groups met back up between Crete and Wilber. We all rejoiced, passed out hugs and promised to never leave each other again.
Mark enjoying the day on Nebraska gravel.
On the ride back to town we came across an odd site. Eight to ten animal carcass's. Possum's, raccoons, skunks, and even a couple of badgers (see above). They were spaced equidistant in intervals of 20 yards along the side of the road. Weird. Someone is one sick puppy.
It's January, right? Beautiful blue skies, great group of folks, mild temps, and a tail wind. Yep, pretty good.
Almost home and a slight bonk settling in. Time for recharge!
Troy and I ended up heading down to Roca to reach our mileage goal. We ended up overshooting by several miles, but it's all good. Besides, it's 53!

Thanks to all that rode today. More of the same tomorrow? Maybe a little shorter? Fifty to 60?


Anonymous said...

Carpe Diem brother!

I met up with one of the variances of the ride near 40th and something or rather and rode back into town.

Good times! See you tomorrow.

EB said...

We need to assemble the Nebraska Posse.

bikerfish said...

Well that was a bit longer than I was expecting but I'm glad I finally hooked up with you guys for a ride. Thanks for letting me tag along and as soon as I can feel my legs again I'll get out there for another one!

Anonymous said...

we rode by the carcas trail too, very bizarre.

Cornbread said...

Butch, glad you hooked up with some homies.

Wes, great ride dude. You did awesome. Long rides in January rule. Glad you were along.

jb*, someone has some bad karma coming their way for all those dead animals.