Saturday, January 17, 2009

Base heads

It's only January, but with gravel grinders on the docket for Spring 2009, it's time to get the gravel base miles in. We had a good sized crew show up this morning at D Street. Even had a new face show up. Glad you stopped by Wes. Hopefully we'll see more of you on Saturday mornings.

After a week of frigid temps, the mild temps today were welcome. We ended up making it to Valparaiso and hit the convenience store for a quick recharge before heading back to Lincoln with the wind at our backs. Made it back in town before 12:30.

Troy and I had some time to chat about Dirty Kanza. I'm stoked to have Troy on board for Kanza along with fellow Nebraskans Skip, Rick, Oly, Ben, Eric, Jim, Aaron, and Steve (am I missing anyone?). Nebraska is gonna have another great showing at the DK200.

During the ride today we chatted about tire selection, gear, hydration and nutrition. There's a lot to learn in an endurance event such as DK200 or Trans Iowa. Trial and error isn't the best method for events such as those. Troy, below is the bag I was talking on the ride.

I picked up one of these after reading about Jim's recommendation on the Heartland Racing website. The bag by Epic Ride Research sounds like a very practical and functional bag. One hand open and closure, light weight construction, and conveniently attaches to the stem. I'm excited to try it out and should be a great addition to my current set up (Jandd frame bag, Jandd saddle bag, and Jandd handlebar bag) for Trans Iowa and Dirty Kanza. I'll post some more regarding the bag after I have a chance to try it out for a couple of weeks.

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bikerfish said...

Wow, I got a shout out and didn't even know it! I just found this blog today, otherwise I would have responded sooner. I'm stocked to have found people that are still riding this time of year so I'll definitely be joining you guys again. Sorry for bailing on the last ride, I had a pretty limited time slot that day.