Monday, November 10, 2008


Skip and I headed out to Wilderness on Sunday afternoon for a little single track on the IF cross bikes. Rippin' through the Park is the best way for me to work on my cornering skills. Keeping the weight on the outside foot is key. After following Skip for a bit I noticed the difference in our cornering technique. Skip pedals through a lot more corners than I do. Must be all those fixie rides through the Park. I'm not quite that brave and tend to coast through most corners. That's something I need to work on.

The Park is in great shape right now and was rather busy yesterday. Lots of leaves are down which makes the corners a bit sketchy at times. Two wheel driftin' is common in the tighter turns.

We came across several hikers, Winklepleck and Drake for the second day in a row, sausage (deer), and a couple of guys taking turns beating up on a bike that they dug out of the dumpster (at least I hope that's the case). They were both amazed that Skip and I were riding road bikes through the park. I should have told him to harden the fuck up.

The creek crossing is especially sketchy these days. It's a great opportunity to work on your Ninja Warrior Skillz.

The new cross bike fits like a glove and has really allowed me to finally feel like I can corner. My previous cross bikes were too small, especially the head tube, which caused me to be a bit heavy on my hands and front end. That caused a lot of front wheel wash outs. Now that problem is solved! Thanks again to Kris and Cycle Works!

Speaking of fitting like a glove...Susan hooked me up with a new Snappy Cap. This is a winter technical cap with wind stopping and wicking material with an ear flap. The edges are fleece lined as well. Boy, let me tell ya, I've had a lot of cycling caps in my day, but this one is the finest I've ever owned. The fit is perfect (not too tight and not too loose and fits nicely under a helmet), the ear flap jobber covers my ears completely and goes down the back of my skinny neck to provide additional warmth, the bill is the perfect size (blocks sun glare, but doesn't obstruct my view) and it's damn stylish too. Susan was kind enough to make mine a bit more subdued than most of her previous Snappy Caps. I told her that I like black and gray and she put together a great custom cap. Thanks again Susan!

Skip sportin' a new technical Snappy Cap

My goofy arss with a frontal view of the Snappy Cap

Backside view with logo (note the fleece edges...nice and soft)

I'd recommend a cap from Snappy Caps to anyone looking for a great fitting, functional, totally custom handmade cycling cap. You gotta love the fact that these bad daddies are hand made right here in Lincoln, Nebraska!


Blogstyle said...

Why is Skip so excited to pee on his own bike?

Endurosnob said...

You always say I should lube my chain more...

EXPO Racing said...

I need me some of dem Snappy caps.

SO pumped to see ya at TI!