Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ohio home

Spent five days back in Ohio for a visit with the family. Haven't seen the family since last Winter. Scary to see how much your folks age in a year.

The state has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Cleveland has >30% unemployment rate and a bulging crime rate. My hometown, Conneaut (Native American word for "where the snow remains late"), is located in the Northeastern tip of the state. Conneaut is tucked away in the corner of the biggest county in Ohio on the Lake Erie shore and the Western border of Pennsylvania. Roughly 12,000 folks. Mostly blue collar. Not many white collar jobs around.

Ohio in the Fall is beautiful. I haven't seen an Ohio Fall in years. So many trees.

Largest covered bridge in the United States

Bike ride with a family friend, Mom and Dad

Conneaut was the last stop for many former slaves prior to crossing Lake Erie. My Dad's family was involved in the Underground Railroad and hid numerous former slaves in barns and basements prior to their journery across Lake Erie to freedom.

The Greenway Trail in Ashtabula County - 48 miles of paved trail

Many locals don't think too highly of the bicyclists or the bike trail

Sunset on Lake Erie

Sunset on Lake Erie


EB said...

nice pic cbread

munsoned said...

Ohio is pretty progressive with their bike trails. My dad and I went to see the Tour of PA and stopped by Ohio to do some trail riding on the way home. Very nice state.

Blogstyle said...

i tag that on every bike route sign.

Marc said...

Hey Mr. White lab coat. Can I get those results in electonic form? I like to store results on my computer. Then I can analyze to my hearts desire.

I'm asking for a metabolic cart for xmas.

Sorry to post it here. Don't know where else to get in touch with you. So fuckin' email me motherfucker.


Ari said...

I wonder if Lance Armstrong is also gay? What about all the Football guys that wear spandex pants?

NNs said...

ugh, you should add new stuff to this blog. i depend on you to entertain and keep me informed on the very important goings ons of lincoln cycling and the flophouse. whats up. im coming to lincoln this afternoon.