Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happiness is a new bike

The new addition to the Cornbread bike family!

Big thanks goes out to Kris Sonderup, Butch Johnson, and the Cycle Works crew for helping me get things figured out and ordered. Also another big thanks to Matt Wills for the build.

Second new bike for me this year (LHT was the first). Broke my one bike per year quota. Oh well. Have already put significant miles on the new addition (mostly gravel and some Wilderness). I'm still getting used to riding a cross bike that actually fits me. Weird.

Yes, the headtube is cartoonishly huge, but that's what a sasquatch-sized guy like me needs. Besides, that huge headtube will come in handy during TI V5...I'll strap a couple of bottle cages on the side! Kidding....or am I.

This is also my first high quality steel bike. It handles like a dream. The hype about steel is definitely for real.

Matt building the new ride in his basement.

Matt did an awesome job with the build. He is much more patient man than I. I have a tendency to throw new bikes together and not pay attention to all the small details just because I wanna ride it.

Matt did all the things I should do and did it well. He even applied three coats of wax to the frame prior to the build. He also built my wheels! What a guy!

Sydney prepping the Farm Cross/Cowboy Cup course

I headed out to the Farm Cross/Cowboy Cup course on Saturday morning to check out the one mile loop. Very fun course with several tight switchback turns and two dismounts with a small run up afterwards. Should be a great time.

Tight turn around a tree

James came out and rode some laps

It was great to see James out and on the bike again. We had a fun time riding the course and focused on our cornering skills. James told me the secret to the jump remount. I'm still a bit hesitant to do it. My method of remounting has worked for years.

Hope all is well with the family James. I'm not a religious man, but I'll keep Walter in my thoughts.


MOD said...

New ride looks sweet, can't wait to see it in person.

Endurosnob said...

Very very nice.

Ben said...

Whoa, that's one sweet ride Corey. I'm definitely a little green right now because of it ;)

scott showen said...

how long is that steer tube? 2' ?

Cornbread said...

The steerer tube was so long that I couldn't initially use the Park crown race setting tool. Had to stack three race guards on top of each other to use the Park tool. Comical.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Kinda makes me wonder what a butchie sized club racer would be like.

mw said...

a pleasure.

let me tension those wheels sometime.

Ari said...

That is a clean looking machine. I bike that fits is your best bike. You will ride the heck out of it. Good luck and enjoy.

scott showen said...

looks good, nice hub choice.

Carp said...

Good choice. Steel is a good material for us non PROs. That Bianchi was always a little small you!

c_c_rider said...

what's the seat tube length? 65cm?

Anonymous said...

neat bicycle cornbread! are you riding tomorrow?

Cornbread said...

Seat tube is only 57 cm (sloping). 62.5 cm top tube.

jb, I'm up for a ride tomorrow. How about 9 AM from D Street? Hit some gravel for a few hours. All are welcome on the ride.

Neve_r_est said...

Nice IF. The monster headtubes make a frame bag fit nice.

You should alter your rule to one bike purchase per year to allow for sweet freebies.

You heading this way for any CX races this year? Spooky CX, Jingle CX? Decorah Night Shift race is Oct25th, always a good time.


MG said...

nice ride cornbread. that thing turned out super sweet!

i might try to hook up with you tomorrow at 9am too...


Cornbread said...

Dennis, as far as hitting races near your neck of the woods, you never know. I'll let you know if I plan on it. The Decorah race sounds like fun, but I'll be out of town. Going home to see the folks.

Matt, I'll see you tomorrow.

Tex69 said...

Your CD collection looks like ours. I would say we're at 1600+.