Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The new cross bike is slowing becoming a reality. Parts have arrived and more are on the way. Unfortunately, the crankset is on back order, but I managed to get the bottom bracket. Ruka made herself at home amongst the bits and pieces.

Trying out a set of the Tektro canti brakes. Yeah, they're cheap, but check out the vitals in QBP. They're light weight and I've heard nothing but good reviews from Bonsall as far as the ease of use and stopping power. Plus they're about a fourth the cost of a set of Paul's and almost half the Cane Creek jobbers.

Next step is getting the wheelset built. Wills, when are you available?


mw said...

ruka is saying, i'm IN the circle.

MOD said...

Nice kit, but where does the cat go?

Can't wait to see it assembled.

Steve Fuller said...

Cat sits on cornbread's shoulder and leaps off to attack other riders.

CB, I hope you are going to use something other than the stock Tektro pads on your crossbike. The pads that come with the brakes are, shall we say, ass.

Ari said...

What frame are you using? Tektro brakes work great but they indeed need some new rubber on them.
Good luck on the build,

c_c_rider said...

watcha gonna do with the roger frame?

Cornbread said...

Good point on the brake pads fellas. Probably get some Kool-Stop pads (dual compound jobbers). I've had good luck with those.

Anyone got a recommendation for canti cross brake pads?

Ari, I'm getting an Indy Fab steel Planet Cross frame and fork. Vanilla Shake paint with black decals. I'm stoked! Should be here sometime within the next two weeks.

Conrad, I plan on keeping the Roger for now. Even though it's way too small, I still love that bike.

scott showen said...

"Should be here sometime within the next two weeks." haha, you should know better corey, they mean months, not weeks.

can't wait to see it.

thirtyfourtwenty said...

you're going to trust wills to build your wheels? yikes!

Ben said...

IF frame, Ultegra SL'd cross bike? Man that's going to be hot. Make sure to post pics of the final build!

Josh said...

I've never laced-up a Siamese cat 32-hole before, but I'm willing to give it my damnedest.