Sunday, September 28, 2008

Damn it.

Went out on the Homestead trail today to work on my cross mounts and dismounts. Wanted to go through Wilderness Park to work on my cornering, but found a crack in the face plate of my Thompson stem. Figured I'd "play it safe" by riding the crushed limestone of the Homestead trail and avoid the single track of Wilderness due to the risk a catastrophic failure of the stem.

Well, I ended up going down on the crushed limestone when my left heel didn't rotate outward enough to disengage the pedal during a high speed dismount. Slid for quite a well on the fine crushed limestone. Fuckin' awesome! Man, do I feel stupid. Glad no one saw it.

So now I've got a deep road rash from ankle to hip on the left side and a nice lookin' swelbow to match.

First races are next weekend in Omaha. Saturday and Sunday. Going single speed again this year in the A's or 1, 2, 3's or whatever the hell it's called now. Should be entertaining.

Ahhh....cross hurts so good.

Had the opportunity to have my Hematology drawn at work for a health fair. I was really excited to see the results.

For many years, I've been relatively low with my red blood cells (RBC), hemoglobin (HGB) and hematocrit (HCT). The results weren't abnormally low, but lower than an avid cyclist's perference. I was pleasantly surprised to see a significant improvement in my values.

The laboratory test which is widely known to cyclists is the hematocrit. Hematocrit is simply the percentage of your blood volume that are red blood cells. If you were to spin (centrifuge) a tube of blood the plasma and the red blood cells would seperate due to differences in densities. After spinning, the hematocrit is the really dark stuff at the bottom.

For any endurance athlete a higher hematocrit value is desirable. With a higher hematocrit a person should have more oxygen carrying capcity in their blood volume which may lead to improved aerobic performance. The UCI has established a 50% limit for hematocrit for professional cyclists. My value jumped from 43.2 to 48.5. No, I'm not blood doping.

Now dehydration can play a big factor in hematocrit values (dehydration leads to less plasma and a higher hematocrit), but that wasn't the case since my red blood cells and my hemoglobin also had significant increases and my electrolytes were all normal. I can't put my finger on exactly what is different compared to last year, but I suspect my daily multivitamin with iron may be part of it.

Last year. Low H&H. Bummer.

This year's significant improvement!

Ruka is stoked.


mw said...


CJ said...

No wonder you are such an animal on the bike!!!

Sorry to hear of the crash, but happy for you that your HCT is up!!

BTW, maybe I should have you proof read some of my APA formatted evidence based practice papers that I have to write for my BSN. You do good job of writing about science based subjects.

Are you sure you don't want to do the fast track BSN program Cornbread???

Peace out

Ben said...

Dude! There have been a rash (no pun) of crashes lately, just found out last night that one of my older cousins had a meeting with pavement on Thursday after mis-judging handlebar to dumpster clearance while out riding. Ended up in the ER, etc etc. Ouch! Hope yours heals, I'm about 90%, just waiting to hear how bad the LHT is..

Also.. funny, I just got done reading Armstrong's book. Those numbers are pretty righteous, you ready for the TdF?

sydney said...

Ouch. cross rash sucks, but not quite as bad as pavement. there might be an exception for that limestone stuff, though. See you this weekend.

MOD said...

Were you going for the step through dismount?

Cornbread said...

Chris, I'd be happy to proof read. That BSN fast track sounds rather appealing. Maybe someday.

Ben, glad to hear you're feelin' better. Heal up. No TdF for me. Unless I'm doing a bike tour following the TdF. That'd be fun.

Syd, don't know if I'll be makin' it to cross this weekend. Leg has taken a turn for the worse. Good luck!

Mark, my left foot was stuck in the pedal and tripped me up after landing on my right foot. Went to take a step with the left and promptly hit the ground. Not sure the name of the style of dismount I utilize. It's the only method I've ever used. Seems the most natural to me. Good luck this weekend!

Paul said...


Thanks for the info on your hemocrit. I donate plasma in Ames and they test mine every time. It seems I am running right around 40 most of the time. I guess I need to be taking in some iron! If you think of anything else that can help let me know.



sda said...