Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tweaked knee

Don't know how I did it, but my right knee has been swollen and very achy the past couple of days. It's a bit concerning with the big Ponca weekend ahead. I'm still confident that I'll be able to ride up and possibly ride back (weather permitting).

Really bummed to miss the PCL crit tonight, but sitting it out will hopefully allow the knee to heal. Spotted Kevin on the way out to the PCL as I drove by in the truck. Yeah, I drove to work today. Ironically, Oly sent me an invite to a new blog for Lincoln Commuting Challenges. Ben is also a member and has really enjoyed the benefits of commuting. You gotta love seeing folks get excited about bicycles.


Ari said...

Did you ride a different bike?
Did you seatpost slide down?
Are your cleat aligned properly?
These three things happened to me and gave me terrible knee pain. I also have trouble when I drive a lot since I am 6'4" and drive a compact car to save gas.
Hope you get better and I hope to see you again at trans iowa in 09
from Sycamore.

Ben said...

Ouch, bad news! It's gotta be something going around, late summer injuries or something, because I now know of at least 4 guys who are out with injuries and/or health issues.

Hope it heals quick, and you're back soon. Winter seems to be rollin' up on us quick this year.

Cornbread said...

I think the problem is I returned from Crested Butte with the illusion that all hills in Nebraska are small enough to be attacked balls to wall. Probably just over did it and need some time to rest. Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes fellas.

cvo said...

good luck buddy, hope your able to make the 155, i know you'll be bummed if you don't.

rest up.

see ya soon