Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ponca Ride 2008 - My favorite pics

Sunrise from the bike. DK enjoying the moment.


We're on our way.

Wills - the route master, navigator, and all around awesome guy.

Breakfast at the Corner Cafe in North Bend. Highly recommend. Great atmosphere, friendly folks, and delicious food. Felt like I stepped back in time to the 50's.

Crop duster a few hundred feet off the deck. I'd love that job.

Hey buddy!

Gersib's catastrophic flat. Sounded like a shotgun when it went.

The hills slowly ramping up after Pender.

This pic shows the magnitude of the hills up North. Yep, that's a tractor in the field.

Lots of corn and soy.

This road was carved out of the hill.

Heading back on Sunday.

Bonsall riding a huge gear. 42 x 18. Ouch!

That looks like fun!

This group of horses ran up to the fence to say hi. Looks like they wanted to join us.

This tree is awesome. Right in the middle of the road at the T intersection.

Sun going down on the ride home.

We got back into town around midnight on Sunday. Great weekend of riding. Thanks to James for coming up and saggin' all our gear. Also thanks to Oly for being on standby on Sunday. Glad we didn't need to call. Already excited for next year!


Emily said...

that was... so fun.

Ben said...

Man Corey, that looks freaking awesome. Absolutely freakin' awesome.

Also - you are on the surlyblog.

mw said...

thanks for posting those cbread

mw said...

sorry jb. i could have told you about that mark on your face. but i figured we all looked like we'd been beaten anyways!

MOD said...

Looked EPIC!!!

Ari said...

Those rides are everlasting. Thanks for posting such great photos

EB said...

Yo Cornbread,Give me a call about the 5-0. 616-1022