Sunday, July 06, 2008

PCL Tour of Dirt Roads

Thunderstorms and rain pushed back the start of the PCL TODR over an hour. Gave us a chance to caffeinate and watch a bit of Stage 1.

Rallied the troops for a rainy roll out. Light sprinkle at the start. Fenders were essential for clammy chamois prevention.

After checking the radar, we headed north out of town trying to find a hole in rain storms heading our way.

Dark clouds began to roll in just past the Kawasaki plant.

Carp peeled off and headed back. Good seeing ya again Chad.

Riding west on 34 we began to see lightning above and in every direction. Rain began to intensify so it was time to look for shelter.

Some of us were more prepared than others. DK sportin' the Hefty rain jacket.

Some nice folks let us use their barn for a shelter. Waited out the storm for about 45 minutes. Luckily no one ate a bunch of beans the night before.

Makeshift repair stand for Mark's bike while changin' out a flat.

Lot's of rain fell within that 45 minutes. Sure glad we found that barn.

After the rain, some headed back for town while the rest of us headed south for a bit on gravel. The wet, soft gravel along with a brisk headwind made for a tough ride. Stopped at the convenience store in Emerald to refuel. A few more paved miles and then east on Van Dorn. Jeff, Craig, Jim and I headed south for a bit on gravel and wrapped it up with about 40 miles. Weather ended up being beautiful for the last hour of the ride. Thanks to all that came out for the event. It was fun hangin' out with everyone.

The plan is to reschedule this event for the second weekend in August. Saturday August 9th at 8 AM. More details to come on the PCL blog.

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