Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crested Butte Virgin

Heading off to Crested Butte this weekend for some single track lovin'. It's been almost a year since I've ridden "epic" trails in Colorado. In fact, this will be my first time in Crested Butte. I'm excited and a bit apprehensive because I have almost no dirt time this year. Most of my time has been spent on gravel roads.

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is located in CB. Gonna have to hit that up while I'm there.

Any advice from those that have ridden there? I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

Charge it all and get RAD!

MOD said...

Sweet, I didn't know you were coming Cornbread. When are you taking off? I'm picking up Woodman's truck Sunday morning.

sda said...

I think there will be a few of us willing to show you around .... it'll be good to see you gb.