Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trail maintenance day at Wilderness Park

A good sized crew headed out to Wilderness Park on Saturday morning. Two groups split up and headed in opposite directions.

Our group managed to get through most of trail north of Old Cheney. Steve ran the chainsaw and cleared several downed trees and branches. The others worked on re-routing some trouble spots and cleared debris. Rose, Karl and company (the other group) headed south of Old Cheney and also cleared several trees and debris.

The pic above is of a re-route around a common flood spot. Lots of rock and dirt was brought into this spot this winter, but it still wasn't enough. All the recent rain was too much. The fellas cut a re-route which is on slightly higher ground and just south of the existing trail through a forest of poison oak.

Another low spot that we worked on for almost 6 hours this winter. We raised this spot around 12 inches. It managed to survive the floods, but barely. Standing water on both sides of the trail. Whew.

Wills taking a breather in the shade. Hey, it that poison oak?

Tom and Matt chattin'.

Tom made the trip down for Omaha and rode Wilderness for the first time. Thanks for coming down Tom! Hope you enjoyed the trails.

Another view of the low spot. Lots of standing water. If anyone likes frogs, there should be a bunch there in a week.

Jesse tryin' to fix the weedwacker.

Some spots the nettles are 5 feet high. Plenty of poison oak and mosquitoes too. Definitely not ideal for riding or walking for that matter.

The park still needs many, many hours of work. Thanks for all of those that came out this weekend. Special thanks to Rose and Karl for organizing it all. Those two spend more time on the trails than anyone. Next time you see one of them, be sure to thank them.

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NaugaBike said...

Wish I had brought the post for the blog - then I would not have gotten lost. Great to visit with you, Matt, & Jesse. Good to meet the others of the Lincoln Crew.