Sunday, June 29, 2008

Epic Bacon

6 A.M. at the Mopac trail head. Great group this week. 13?

Yeah, that's reflective alright.

Coffee kickin' in for most of us at the first hut.

Beautiful morning.

Regroup. Which way? Straight or a raleigh?


Bring it on Oscar Meyer.

Matt on the attack.

B-17 fly over on the way back. Bitchin'.

Yeah, I flew in that bird. Cost me 500 bones, but it was worth it.

Refuel at the Cenex in Elmwood.

Ran into Chapman on the way home with his little guy.

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MG said...

That was an awesome day of ridin' Cornbread. Thanks for the great pics. Getting the chance to roll massive gravel, eat epic bacon, rip the trails at Platte on my La Cruz with you cats and see that B17 fly over in the same day was definitely the highlight of my weekend. That's packin' it in to one ride!