Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whew...that was hard.

All kinds of bikes were present at today's ride. Fixies, single speeds, 29ers, full suspension 26 inchers, and lots of cross bikes.

Twenty was the head count this morning according to DK. Awesome!

Wind was around 15 to 20 mph out of the SW this morning. It hurt. Bad.

Temps got up to over 60 by the end of the ride. Layers were essential today.

Rolling out of town.

Beatrice refuel. Fritos are a popular choice among Lincolnites. Why?

Wills: They're practically vegan!

The Homestead trail is a bit soft coming out of Beatrice. Can a brutha get a steamroller!?!

Homestead trail markers. Not sure where the numeration originates. It actually counted down from Beatrice. Does it link into the Mopac? It must if this is the 94th mile.

Coach and Troy rode awesome today. So did a lot of folks for that matter. Folks are riding really strong and it's only March. Lincoln represent!

This irrigation system actually goes over the Homestead trail. I'm sure farmers aren't too happy about the trail cutting through their land.

Note to self: Might be fun to ride through it on a hot day.

From what I've heard, there's been a hold out on land for the Homestead trail in Pickrell for quite some time. The land has finally been purchased and the trail should run from Lincoln to Beatrice soon.

Almost home! What a tough day. Probably be worthless the rest of the day. Mission accomplish.


27th and Capital. It took me a while to get close to this fella, but he/she wasn't too concerned with me for some reason. Probably the fact it can fly away at anytime and it has some razor sharp talons. Yeah, that's probably it.


mw said...

wow. beatrice, nice. i didn't have that in my legs, obviously. that wind was tuff. cortland was good enough for me and butchie. hooked up with fragments of the group at that point and headed in with d-k and m-a. beautiful weather on the way home.

tomorrow? same thing?

c_c_rider said...

what time did you get back from that mega 70+ miles of gravel?

Cornbread said...

It was a little after 2 when Coach, Troy and I first got back into town, but I went a bit further after that.

Not sure when most folks got home.

It was a good day to be on a bike.

sockrider said...

It might not be a good idea to ride through water being sprayed from irrigation pivots. They pump pesticides and fertizers through those systems also...