Saturday, March 08, 2008

PCL - If you don't blog about it, it didn't happen...

Nine rolled out of D street around 8 a.m. and headed off to the Lancaster Event Center. The most dangerous part of the day was getting to the LEC. Lots of ice on the roads in town.

It was damn cold. Negative with the wind chill, but that didn't stop folks from showing up for the event. Look at all those cars (see pic below)! Man, what a turn out for the PCL! Must have been around 300 people that made it before 9 a.m. and they kept comin'. Kinda weird though, most were wearing Wranglers, cowboy boots and stetsons. A few even brought some horses. Dunno why they'd bring horses to a bike race.

Riders started lining up on the east side of Havelock Avenue. Most of the crowd went inside to stay warm before the start. The concession stand was even open. Wow, they went all out for the PCL! Thanks!

A couple of new faces came out for the event. Dave and Rob. Thanks for coming out fellas! Hope you had fun.

Someone must have gotten confused. They put a bunch of dirt inside the event center! No, no, no...the PCL is outside on gravel! No one would listen to me...

Wills refuelin' with ReeseSticks sportin' the port side icicle visor. That's not easy to do. Bravo!

Blurry pic of the Saturday morning card game at the Elmwood Gas station. Looked pretty cut throat. Heard a few things muttered about choppin' off a pinky finger. Dang.

Lottery tickets were purchased at the gas station. Hopefully someone will hit it. If so, be sure to split that with the rest of the racers!

The route was pretty simple. Havelock Avenue, then south a country block to Adams Street and head east from there. Adams Street took you right into Elmwood.

Lots of rolling hills on the route. Ended up being about 15 to 18 miles to Elmwood. Not a bad distance and the wind wasn't a big factor.

Craig donning the multi-focal icicle dangler. One fell off and poked out a kid's eye. Sad.

Stopped into Coffee Emergency on the way back into town. Had a cup of great coffee. Nice little establishment with a chill atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Thanks again to all the racers and spectators that came out this morning. PCL award ceremony tonight at 6 p.m. at Oso Burrito. Bring something for the grab bag prizes. You're guaranteed to walk away with something interesting.


fob said...

Good job guys! I decided I was done with winter and waited till 1:30 to ride. Ride tomorrow?

cvo said...

man, that whole phrase " if you didn't blog about it, it didn't happen" really bugs me.

wtf do people care if you take pics and share them with people?

The same guys complaining are reading blogs and webs sights of people putting stuff up about rides, bikes, and what not..

ya just kinda wished they'd just stop reading and get into fashion or child psycology instead of the bike world.

or get on board with realizing that the more they share, the more people we can get on bikes.. and realize how much fun we have on bikes...

if your gonna critize that.
and our sharing of that.

shit dude,
why the fuck are you reading this,
isn't your stock flucktuating?

Thew said...

And where the hell is this Coffee Emergency place?

CJ said...

Hey all,

That was a tough day for me. I think I ended up getting in about 50mi total. New bike brought some ills on the backside of my right knee.

BTW, Rob and I headed back on the Mopac from Elmwood. There is a very large downed tree a couple of miles to the east of Eagle.

Tough ride, but I will repeat this ride again in the future!!

Peace out

Cornbread said...

We missed ya Jim. Looks like winter is fading away. Warm temps most of the week.

CVO, I wasn't directing the title at anyone. Just having fun with it. Thanks for the support, though.

Thew, Coffee Emergency is over on North 48th. Here's a link.

Chris, way to go man. That was quite an inaugural ride for the cross check. Thanks for coming out. Seemed like everyone had a good time. Hopefully the next one will be warmer.

One Eyed z said...

Looks like a good ride... cold but good.
Cornbread, did you get a pint glass in the mail last week?

Cornbread said...

Yes, thanks dude. I really appreciate you doing that.

So, Landahl this it gonna be ridable?

MG said...

hey, sorry i got sick with a chest cold and didn't make it to the awards ceremony. didn't mean to bum anyone out. i heard it was a really good time.

i had a fun time on the ride tho. sorry i didn't blog about being there. being sick in bed didn't exactly make me too passionate about wanting to blog a bunch... and i didn't have my camera with me on the ride. i'm not really an on-ride photog... we've talked about that one cornbread.

they are saying on the website that they will make the final race call at 6:30am saturday morning... 70-80% chance of rain/snow between now and then. i just checked the radar and stuff is definitely in the area...