Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Nebraska Sports Council Panama MTB Enduro

Look for these flags! Spotted this one on the ride into Panama.

Welcome to Panama!

Jim Craig (middle man pictured), race promoter and all around fun and crazy guy.

Coach gettin' prepped for the race.

Race map. Head North out of town and follow route clockwise. Check point number six was scratched from the race for some reason.

Jim doing the pre-race meeting.

Craig getting ready. Congrats on the victory! Well done dude.

Gersib sportin' the Salsa kit. Good job today dude.

And....they're off!

Lots of smiling faces. That's what it's all about.

Great turn out today. Dunno the official head count, but I estimate around 50 to 60 racers.

Heading North out of town.

Check point number 1.

Heading East. Andy and I followed to offer assistance. Two flats, one chain suck, and lots of encouragement.

Fields are green already. Spring is just around the corner.

Hey there horsey. You like apples?

Some big hills and lots of wind on the route.

Snow clouds movin' in.

Another check point.

Awards, raffle, food and recovery drinks. Busch light works wonders....or so I hear.


MG said...

Thanks brother. It was great riding with you this weekend.

Cornbread said...

Thanks Matt. Right back at ya. That was a good weekend. Lookin' forward to a bunch more.

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Looks like a cool race. I raced against Jim in some of the Blue Hills adventure races. Nice guy.

Anonymous said...

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