Saturday, February 23, 2008

We went to Adams

Another big group showed up a D street this morning. Probably around 15 to 20. A couple of new faces and a lot of the usual suspects.

Rolled out of town via paved trails and headed East and eventually South. The group did a great job of stickin' together and we even had a nice rotating paceline going. The wind was stronger than forecast and seemed to be more out of the Southwest vs. the Southeast. hasn't been too accurate of late.

Quick regroup and pit stop at Wagon Train. Trails not yet ridable.

Off again heading South. Destination, how about Adams?

Found a dirt road that I've never ridden. Gast leading the way.

Found it!

Typical small town Nebraska. Lots of friendly people happy to see ya.

Time for refuel. Hit the small grocery store and had a couple small conversations with a few locals.

Yes, we're crazy.

Headed West after Adams and eventually hit Cortland. Refueled again and then headed for home with a tailwind.

Another great day and the weather turned out to be awesome. Almost 50 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. Spring is just around the corner. Bitchin'.


mw said...

now that was a great ride and i actually felt pretty good. stoked that we kept mostly together till adams. i remembered to breathe during excersize. fixie pedals itself in a big pack like that, most of the time. still felt like i had to put in few real efforts to stay in the various drafts. great group. must have gotten fast on the way in to town. me and dk hung back with jb's flat. then the gearies crushed back into town with that beautiful tail wind.

same thing tomorrow?

Cornbread said...

Heard about the flat. Bummer. Goat head?

That paceline was sweet. I kinda forgot how those things work. :)

Yeah, I'd be down for another tomorrow. Probably leave D street at 8 again. All are welcome.

mw said...

sounds good to me.

never found the cause of the flat.

munsoned said...

Man, I wish something like this was organized in Omaha. I guess we also don't have as many riders around here compared to Lincoln. If we get 8-10 people, it's considered a large group. Usually 2-6 people are all we can muster up for a single ride.

Well, you guys have fun out there!

Cornbread said...

You're always welcome down in Lincoln for a gravel ride. The D street couch is very comfy.

The Omaha and Lincoln crews should meet half way someday and then go for another hour or so. Finally ending it with some good eats and a slow ride home. Kinda like the bacon ride without the single track.

munsoned said...

Whewee, that would be a long day. Halfway-ish to Lincoln from my place is about 35 miles to get to South Bend, or about 50 to get to Elmwood. That's a lot of gravel travel. Maybe we can organize that later on when it's at least kinda warmer for most of the day. Trying to get a bunch of guys out to do 100 miles of gravel when it's mid 20's at the start is a hard sell. Maybe with the aid of BLOG POWER we can get something rolling. I believe you and Mod would have the pull to make such a thing happen.

Cornbread said...

On second thought, that sounds like a lot of work. :)

Maybe wait until it's warmer and do it on the road. The Around the Bend Steakhouse would be a good halfway point to get some grub.

sda said...

i used to love riding down to adams and visiting with my grandma over a can of coke and some home-made backed goods. good stuff.

sda said...

errr, i meant baked goods.

Cornbread said...

Oh, the backed goods and grandma thing made me laugh Dave.

Adams sure is tiny. Real friendly folks in that town.

It's a good ride from Lincoln and it's nice to know that it's doable as far as distance. Probably head back there again when the wind is right.