Monday, February 25, 2008

Stay left and Landahl 2007

The mud pit from the Battle Royal Marathon last year. Lots of dirt was moved to create a line to the left. RockD tried to warn riders, but not everyone took the easy way.

Gotta give her props for makin' it out of that pit. Several bottles and a pair of glasses were lost in there.

Mud from Landahl last year. First race of the XC season is a Landahl on Sunday. It might be muddy if it warms up.

This fella rode it perfectly. Well done.


One Eyed z said...

Waiting to see what the weather does to us this week. Hopefully the trail dries out enough to ride. Decidion will be posted Thursday night on the site.
In a way I want to race and in a way I hope its postponed.
I want to ride my 29er but I haven't ridden it since October.
I want to ride my 29er but I have a list of changes to make and I have ordered parts but I don't think anything will be here in time. Ugh... I hate waiting.

Cornbread said...

Thanks for the heads up Zeke. That place is really tough when it's wet.

I feel ya on the the bike issue. Patience is a virtue....or something like that.

Josh said...

I'm pumped to race. We missed so many great races last season to poor weather, but I'm glad the Heartland crew have the best interests of the trails at heart.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Cornbread said...

I'm probably out Josh. I currently don't have a bike. Both 29ers are down at the moment. Hope to make it to the Spoke Pony Showdown on the 15th. Good luck if the race is a go.

Josh said...

Ha! Funny you mention that... I don't have a mountain bike built up yet either.

CJ said...


Let me know if you are still planning on attending the 29er Trifecta tomorrow and you are willing to transport another rider. Wouldn't mind discussing a few minor details with ya if you are still interested.

Peace out

Cornbread said...

Chris, shoot me an email at and we'll chat about it.