Friday, February 22, 2008

Saturday morning ride

Leaving D street around 8 am tomorrow morning. All are welcome to join. Coffee will be ready around 7:45.


CJ said...


Turns out I can't make the Saturday ride due to family conflicts. Are you still planning on riding next Tuesday. Seems like I have read here that Tuesdays are your day off. If so, and you don't mind another rider I would love to go on a gravel grinder next Tuesday.

Peace out

Cornbread said...

Sorry to hear you can't make it Chris. Maybe next week.

Friday is my day off for next week. It varies week to week. I just happened to have a couple Tuesday's off in a row.

Next Friday is the 29er Trifecta up in Omaha. Should be a lot of fun. Check it out.

CJ said...


Interested in exchanging some gas money for a ride to and from Omaha for the Trifecta??

I don't have a rack worth shit.

MG said...

I'll see ya' in the AM Cornbread. Thanks for the heads up brother.

Sorry we won't see you tomorrow cj. Let me know if you need a ride up to the 29er Trifecta. I'm planning on going up to that next week.


Cornbread said...

Chris, that'd be sweet. It all depends on how a few things shape up next week. Let's touch base next week.

Matt, I'll see you tomorrow morning dude. I'll have a cup of joe ready for ya.