Saturday, February 16, 2008

More gravel

Lots of bikes on the front porch and lots of folks inside waiting for the ride to commence. Nineteen was the head count prior to hitting the gravel.

Some bikes outside too. Not the best idea in this neighborhood, but things have really seemed to clean up since the two hate boxes have been purged of their wickedness.

A couple more inside the foyer. Is that French?

We always abide by the traffic laws while heading out of town.

Beautiful day. Sunny with a mild wind at 10 to 15 mph out of the Southwest.

The group starts to stretch out shortly after hitting gravel on A street. Here's the first attack.

Heading South to Crete.

Saltillo road, I think. Dirt road, no gravel. It was sketchy. Winklepleck road the whole thing.

Another sketchy site on the road. Possible stolen vehicle.

Someone had a lot of "fun".

Ran into a Sheriff at the Casey's in Cortland. Showed him the pic and zoomed in on the license plate. He jotted it down and seemed a bit bummed. Didn't thank us, he just wrote the plate number on his hand and then hit the shitter. Probably bummed cuz he'd have to go up the icy, and probably soupy sloppy road by the time we saw him, to check it out.

We ended up on the North side of Crete, but we didn't know where the hell we were until we hit downtown.

A local honked aggressively a couple of times. Right back at ya, buddy.

It's hard to flip people off wearing lobster claws.

South wind pushed us back to Lincoln.

On the way back into town I came across a dead dog. DK informs me it's a rottweiler. Found it just off the South 14th street entrance to Wilderness Park on the East side of the road about 30 yards south of the bridge.

The poor fella was full grown and chocolate in color. I dunno if it was hit by a car or what (hopefully not involved in a dog fight), but it had no tags. Yes, I took a pic, but no, I'm not posting it. I stopped in the gas station on 14th and Pinelake and asked the clerk if anyone had inquired about a missing rottweiler, but had no luck. Checked the classifieds of the Journal Star and found no leads. Gonna call Animal Control tomorrow or Monday to report it. If anyone knows of someone missing a rottweiler, pass the word on and let me know.


scott showen said...

that is so gay, i cant believe you guys like to ride bikes when its somewhat nice out...


CJ said...

I hope to be with you all next week. I caught a killer bug this last week and was out for 4 days.

BTW, would there be any interest in breaking the big group into two small groups? One "fast guy" group and one "regular guy" group.

Just a thought.

Peace out

Cornbread said...

Showen, it's really not that bad out there if you dress accordingly. Let me know if you want/need any pointers. Would love to see ya some weekend morning at D street for a ride.

Chris, hope you're feeling better. It's been going around work too.

Yeah I can understand your point about the different paces during the ride. Probably the best solution would be to ask prior to departing D street who plans to do what and then link up with them after getting out of town. I'm up for suggestions though.

scott showen said...

Corey, i was just joking, i ride when its cold out. i got in an easy 26+- miles in saturday. but don't ever plan on seeing me morning there for a ride, unless its a bacon ride.

mw said...

come on scott. we'd love to have you there.

mw said...

we need the ride to re-group every now and again!!!