Saturday, February 02, 2008

February Gravel Goodness

Eleven left D street around 8 am. Passing by Memorial Stadium here.

It was a bit chilly this morning, but not too bad for February.

Oak Lake is frozen over.

Thank you, Almighty Sun.

Heading out of town towards the Kawasaki plant.

Hey, it's Schlake. You're going the wrong way, dude.

North headwind at about 10 mph a majority of the way. Lots of gravel rollers and a couple of false flats.

Dang, 20 foot flames. Hope that's a controlled burn.

Right turn Clyde. East.

Wow, this was sweet. Dirt road frozen over. Not quite ridable.

Time to walk.

DK loves bikes.

Chapman enjoying the view.

A Super Duper 4x4 had a great time on this road.

Ahhhh....Ceresco. Time for refuel.

Beautiful day.


Kevin loves Super Duper 4x4's . Who doesn't? That thing is bitchin' with it's bull guard, chrome runners, jacked up suspension, and trick paint job. He must get mad pussy. Mad Ceresco pussy.

Headin' for home.

Number 1 moving.

Number 2 moving. Wow, why don't we have a couple thousand more of these in Nebraska?



MG said...

nice. good to hear you had a good ride. i didn't get home from the golf show in orlando until almost 2am this morning because of delayed flights, so i'm just heading out right now, at 2:15pm, solo.

keep me in the loop on your sunday ride plans. i'd like to hook up with you guys.


scott showen said...

"Number 2 moving. Wow, why don't we have a couple thousand more of these in Nebraska?"

cause we live in nebraska, the anti growth state.

"He must get mad pussy. Mad Ceresco pussy."

it probably makes up for his small dick.

Cornbread said...

I'm all for no growth too (don't want the gravel roads to disappear), but it would be nice to utilize such an abundant energy source to allow us to get one step closer to self sufficiency.

Shim said...

Dude, if you want more on the whole wind energy thing, check out Nebraska is actually not as windy as you'd think. Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Oregon have much better wind resources and more favorable tax breaks for the wind farm developers. Wind Mills are well over a million dollars a piece and they are sold out for the next three years. Thats why we are seeing new plants being buildt in the US and Mexico. Still 90% are imported from China, India, Denmark etc...

Cornbread said...

Thanks for the link Shim. Interesting stuff. The windmill farm in Northern Iowa is inspiring. Passed it a few times last year heading to races.

Bummer about most of the windmills produced overseas, especially China. Sounds like a business opportunity to me. If I was a millionaire that is.

Shim said...

I visited a plant in Mexico where they make the blaed, the workers starting wages are $10 per day, with the chance to move up to $15 per day. The crazy thing is, its still cheaper to make them over seas and pay to ship them across the ocean which isn't cheap. Some fun facts for ya, the blades are up to 160' long, the towers are around 300'in length with the bases up to 15' in diameter and the nacelles weight about 175,000 lbs depending on the oem. They keep making them bigger and bigger.