Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eagerly awaiting

I sent out an email on Wednesday to Lloyd at IF inquiring on the estimated shipment date of the frame to Cycle Works. I also let him know that my first race is tentatively scheduled for March 2nd. I'd really like to get it built back up and ride it a couple of times prior to racing on it.

Lloyd replied back stating that March 2nd was pretty early for a race and asked where it was. I may be misinterpreting his email, but it had the tone of skepticism. I replied back with the Heartland Racing address and stated that us Midwestern's are fookin' crazy and we race 8 months of the year. He stated that illnesses and an injuries have pushed back the repair of the trusty steed.

Hope all is well in Somerville as I anxiously await the return of my Deluxe. New seat stays went on today and the bike should ship on the 20th.

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