Sunday, February 17, 2008


Beef, It's what's for dinner. Well, maybe I will try the vegetarian thing again.


Cousteau said...

hey i got an email from cvo saying you still had some more mail for me. Do you have a day off anytime during the week when I could drop in and grab it?

gjc said...

Hey Corey, saw you got into Trans Iowa. That's great. I look forward to seeing you.

Could you shoot me an email about where you stayed last year at Leadville. My friends Jim and Shelly and I are in, trying to find a decent place to stay.


Cornbread said...

Hey Gary! Good to hear from ya.

Leadville! Awesome. You'll love it. I'm working on finding the info for ya. My buddy Rick did all the leg work last year and has the contact info. I just put in a call to him, so I'll forward on the specifics asap.

Yeah, TI is a go. Should be fun. I'll be seeing you in April.