Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back in line

For the past several weeks my left hip and right knee have been really buggin' me. The knee pain is nothing new and I expect it occasionally. All the falls from my bike and slides during baseball compounded with my double jointedness, lead to all kinds of aliments with my joints. But the hip pain was baffling. I have never had anything like this before and it felt like it was something serious. I could feel and hear the head of my femur rubbing against the hip socket in an unnatural manner. This was the obvious source of the pain.

Being in the medical field I'm exposed to all kinds of morbidities. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to self diagnosis myself on occasion. Especially when I have any kind of symptom remotely related to some of the ailments I have encountered. I thought for sure that the hip pain was either arthritis, a partial subluxation, or maybe I had a congenital form of hip dysplasia.

It just felt like my hip needed to pop, but I couldn't get it to go no matter how many contorted positions I attempted. I could feel the pressure built up in the joint and it was really driving me crazy. Plus the constant dull aching pain was really affecting my sleep.

So after debating for a couple of weeks on whether or not I should spend some of my Health Savings Account money, I finally got sick of the pain and decided to do something about it. I called my Chiropractor.

I've been seeing Dr. Lori Elliott for several years after a friend recommended her for some back issues I was dealing with at the time. Being in the medical field, I dismissed Chiropracty as legitimate medicine. Sorry Rick. Boy, was I wrong.

On Monday I went into see Dr. Elliott after calling her earlier in the day. I walked in at Five O'clock, told her my symptoms, was quickly adjusted, and was out the door in ten minutes feeling like a new man. My pelvis had shifted down and anteriorly which lead to the hip and knee pain. The pelvis was adjusted as well as my back, neck and finally my right knee was set. Pain gone. The crash a few weeks ago while commuting to work did more damage than I thought.

I think I'll see her after every crash from now on.


cvo said...

glad to hear your ok dude, have you been stretching?

that's probably a no, if I know you.

you gotta start doing that dude,
kill one less bad guy before you go to bed and stretch a little more buddy.

Cornbread said...

I've been stretching every night. I'm trying to play it smart.

Haven't been gaming much at all. Just not into it much anymore.

Endurosnob said...

Ditto to CVO's comments.

Dr. Rick said...

No offense man, I hear those types of stories all the time, what matters is you get better.
Seeing her after crashes is a good idea, no sense in letting a small problem become a big one. see ya guys at the races more this year...

Cornbread said...

My dismissal of chiropracty was just plain old ignorance. It works. I'm definitely a believer.

BTW, is chiropracty officially a word? Several online dictionaries don't recognize it.

Lookin' forward to seeing ya at more races too, Rick. I'm also lookin' forward to seeing what bike you'll roll up on. It's always something frickin' badass.

Dr. Rick said...

nope, chiropracty is not an offical word, you probably mean chiropractic, which means "by hand only" actually.

nothing new for MTBing this year, but i have something in the works for cross...

see ya