Saturday, February 09, 2008

Assemble the posse

Around 20 or so people showed up this morning for another Saturday morning gravel ride. Seems like the group keeps getting bigger every week. Usual suspects with a couple of new additions to the weekend gravel crew. Thanks for the ride everyone!

Heading west out of town via A street. The melt and subsequent freeze overnight left the trails, sidewalks and most streets very slick and sketchy. We managed to get out of town with no crashes. Couple close calls, but no blood.

The group splintered apart pretty quickly after hitting gravel.

Coach and I chatted for a bit about group ride tactics. I've got a lot to learn. Thanks for the advice Kev. I'm always up for hearing pointers.

Blue skies to start the ride, but the arctic front coming in from the north blanketed the sky with clouds on the way back. We timed it perfectly. Tail wind all the way home.

The sun warmed up the gravel roads, but they remained relatively fast even with all the moisture.

Lots of experience, speed and heart in this group of four.


Plenty of rollers on the route which tested your anaerobic capacity and/or ability to spin.

We ended up in Malcolm for a refuel. Cokes and Fritos.

Good to have Gast along for the ride. He's fast as a moefoe. No surprise.

DK: "Shhhh...I'm voting for Hillary. She's hot."


The ride wrapped up shortly after Malcolm. Probably around 40 miles for most of us. Dunno if I could have done anymore. My legs were cooked. Thanks again for the ride everyone. Tomorrow is looking bad. Arctic temps most of the day. Might be a good day for a rest.


MG said...

It was good riding with you while it lasted. We waited up for MW, and got basically the same ride in -- saw your tracks pretty much the entire way.

We're gonna' disappear into the park tomorrow. Have a good day off.

Emily said...

looks like fun, miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cornbread, you're a brilliant host.

Cornbread said...

Great to see everyone getting together to ride bikes in February. Wish you were here to enjoy the ride, Em.