Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2007 - What a year!

Looking back on the 2007, I realize that it was a good year for Nebraska cycling.
  • THOR has really taken off due to the hard work of many of the local mountain bikers. The trails are much better for it at the end of 2007 than they were at the beginning. Membership has increased and relationships with land managers has been improved/established. Awareness has also improved with riders, racers, and land managers. Trails have been mapped, marked, groomed and improved. Thanks for all your hard work in 2007 THOR members! I'm very excited to see the positive changes 2008 has to bring.
  • Many Nebraska cyclists have become great Regional and National caliber cyclists. Why is that? I think it's all the clean living Nebraska has to offer. It is "The Good Life" afterall. I'm proud of all the Nebraskans who have lined up for races in 2007. Their hard work is apparent and I must admit that I am honored to be able to line up next to them, go on rides with them and also call them friends. Who would have known that Nebraska is a cycling state?
  • The Endurance scene appears to be gaining momentum in Nebraska. The CycleWorks/Mooses Tooth, PsycowPath, and the Omaha Metro! race organizers all held successful endurance events this year. The annual 12 Hour put on by Jim Craig and the Nebraska Sports Council crew celebrated it's ninth or tenth year. The Ponca ride has solidified into an annual event and some crazy pirates have also put on some underground gravel races focusing on fun. Will there be a long endurance gravel race in Nebraska to complete a Triple Crown with Trans Iowa and Dirty Kanza? Only time will tell.

Thanks again Nebraska (and surrounding states) cyclists! It's been a helluva year and I look forward to riding with you in 2008!


NNs said...

are you home? when?

VeloCC said...

cory, it is an honor to race with you!! See you next year at the start line:)

naugabike said...

Happy New Year, Corey. It has been a pleasure to meet you, work you with and the THOR family. Have a awesome race season.

MG said...

2007 was a really great cycling year, wasn't it? I'm super excited about the emergence of endurance racing here in the midwest. It was cool to see you and Skip ride so strong at the Dirty Kanza this year -- that was a definite highlight for me. You guys were amazing.

Happy New Year, Cornbread!


sydney_b said...

Was a good year, wasn't it? I think '08 is gonna be better, though. happy new year!

Cornbread said...

Thanks folks. Looking forward to another great year riding bike with ya.