Monday, August 13, 2007

Leadville 100 Mile MTB

The crew loaded up on Thursday morning and headed off to Colorado. Nine hours and almost 600 miles later, we arrived at the cabin. RockD found a sweet deal on a pimp cabin about 15 minutes southwest of Leadville. Butch and Katie arrived earlier in the day and made themselves at home.

View from the cabin. Part of the race course was visible from the cabin. Twin Lakes dam was only a few minutes away by car.

The fireplace wasn't needed. Temperatures were ideal. Seventies during the day and low 40's at night. Most importantly, it wasn't humid. No more swamp crotch. Yay!

Living room. No cable TV. True vacation indeed.

Kitchen and part of dining room. All necessary cookware was available. The place was set up perfectly.

First of three bedrooms.

Very nice. Gotta love the decorations.

Hallway to bathroom and master bedroom.

Master bedroom. RockD posin' for the camera.

Friday morning we woke up and made some breakfast (saved a lot of cash cooking food ourselves). After breakfast we hit the riders meeting in downtown Leadville. The place was packed wall to wall (900+ racers signed up for the event). Even Floyd made an appearance. That's him on the mic. Tyler, Debbie Sue and the Avey's got some good pics of Floyd.

The pre-race meeting consisted of signing in, picking up race numbers and packets, and also a medical check in. The purpose of the medical check in is to review health status, medication allergies, and current medications just in case you have a medical emergency while racing. I think it's a great idea.

Well, since I'm a mutant, the check in was a bit more complicated. The medical director had to chat with me regarding my health status. Not a big deal. I understand. I also was informed that participating in the race was not recommended due to my daily Coumadin regimen. The medical director assured me it's all just a formality, but I had to sign a Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement. Basically, if I were to get hurt this agreement would prevent me from suing the town of Leadville and the race organizers. I had to go get the agreement notarized at a local bank. Can't blame them for covering their asses.

Willits 29er. Nice lookin' bike. Welds were nice.

Beautiful downtown Leadville on a pleasant summer afternoon.

Chilled at the cabin the night before the race. Turned off the cell phone and just relaxed. Here's the view from the back deck of the cabin.

Bike all prepped and ready to go.

Race day morning. Up at 3:45 for a light breakfast. Load bikes up and ready to go.

Racers were to line up in the anticipated finish times. I lined up in the 9 to 10 hour spot. Probably should have lined up in the sub-9 group, but wasn't sure how the body would take the altitude.

Butch and Katie prior to the start. Cutest couple on Earth.

Think you're tough....try riding a tandem 100 miles at 10k+ feet. That's inspiring.

The CycleWorks support crew waits for the arrival of racers at the Twin Lakes pit area.

Look for the Pink Flamingo! That was my beacon.

The Twin Lake pit was probably a mile long.

This guy decided to help his buddy out by running with him wearing a one piece swimsuit. Nice package shot.

Jeff, Neesha, Debbie Sue, Tyler, Dan, Becky, Julie and Dakota helpin' me out at Twin Lakes.

I didn't eat much during the race. All I had was a package of Cliff Blocks, roughly two brownies, five M & M's, a chocolate chip cookie, and four Fritos. All the rest of my calories were liquid. Lot's of Coca-Cola and a variety of sports drinks.

Hey! It's MIB! Way to go Kent!

Butch refueling at Twin Lakes.

The race went really well. Probably had the best race of my life thus far. Felt like I could climb like a mad man. Ended up passing a lot of riders on the climbs. The long grinder to the top of Columbine Pass was my favorite part of the race. Ended up passing 80 riders going up that climb.

The lowest point of the day was around mile 76. The climb back up Powerline was brutal. The heat started to take it's toll. I'm not sure the high temp for the day, but someone said they heard 85 (very unusual for Leadville). I lost a lot of my momentum on that climb. Cramps started up and I had to back it down for the rest of the race. Still was able to finish under 9 hours.

MIB finished around 50th place. Not bad for flatting and having to wait for a rider to give him a CO2 chuck. Mark Merritt (of GI, NE) finished around 80th. That guy can ride. He's a helluva road rider that hardly rides mountain bikes. You could have fooled me.

Crossed the line and gave out a lot of hugs, but just wanted to sit down.

Found a spot on the grass and didn't stand for the next hour or so.

Butch finishing up strong.

Kevin had a great race and was the second Lincolnite to finish.

Kris finished under 12 hours and promptly took a well deserved nap. Butch kept him company.

RockD finishing up. Way to go Rick! Thanks for showing me the ropes buddy.

Sunset on Saturday night. What a great way to end an amazing day.

A little later.

Late dinner after the race. Mountain High Pies. The owner is a crass authoritarian with an east coast accent. Jeff called up to place the order and the guy answered the phone, "What do ya want?". That place was busy on Saturday night.

The lone bike shop in Leadville. Cycle for Life.

Tyler and Debbie Sue grab some breakfast prior to the awards ceremony on Sunday morning.

Back for the awards on Sunday. 588 racers finished under the 12 hour mark. Very impressive. Lots of racers finished their tenth or eleventh race and received personalized jackets.

The race fee is a bit steep at $220, but worth every penny. This race is well done. There were almost as many volunteers as there were racers. The aid stations were stocked with everything you could desire. Every finisher received a medal. Racers finishing under 12 hours received a silver belt buckle and a personalized sweat shirt with their name and finishing time on the sleeve. Racers finishing under 9 hours received the same sweatshirt and a gold belt buckle.

Butch pickin' up the buckle.

Kevin proudly displaying his buckle.

I really wanted a pic with the race directors. They're good people.

Butch and I with our buckles. Will I ever wear it? Sure, why not. I'm proud for finishing the race. I just hope I don't lacerate my liver wearing it.

Thanks for all that helped make the race a reality. I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends. I'm looking forward to next year. Maybe....


Endurosnob said...

Nice job, Corey. You, sir, rock.

scott showen said...

congrats guys, nice work.....

monkeygirl said...

congratulations my mutant friend, MUTANTS ROCK!!!

c_c_rider said...

waytogo cb. nice pics too.
in the back deck view from the cabin pic, is that a hummingbird i see hovering near the roof?

Paul said...

GREAT job Corey! Way to throw it down!

Cornbread said...

Thanks everyone.

Conrad, you guessed it. I forgot about that little guy. There were several flyin' around. Those buggers are fast.

jake rhymes with cake said...
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MOD said...

nice work buddy, wear that buckle with pride.

VeloCC said...

Very cool Corey!! You did an awesome job. Well deserved:)
And again a wonderful race report.
Thanks for letting us be part of that. Sounds like a memory for life...very sweet:)

ortiz said...

Nicely done guy's, great pix Corey...

mombok said...

Double studs. You guys must be on growth hormones. Butchy even looks taller. Good work guys. You are making us proud.

gjc said...

Wow! great job Corey. I'm hoping I'm there next year.

the inebriationist said...

Holy shit! Nice job. Jealous.

Taugimba said...

Awesome job!
Next time I'll be better prepare to give beer handups as you pass thru Denver.
Great write up and pictures.

Danielle said...

Awesome job! I really want to do that race next year...

Roxy said...

Nice job, Cornbread. Way to represent the flat landers! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

NNs said...

bread, unlike all these lame-os i am not going to congratulate you. in fact i spit in your face and fart in your general direction. hundred miles what? somehow it seems you update less than me. i understand you have a life and a job but is that really an excuse to keep your friend in africa in the dark about the juicy details on the hottest gossip? im home in two months. thats pretty much fucking awesome. poop. by the way good job on the buckle. i would have died.

Cornbread said...

NN's! Dude, great news on the moving back. So, do you still need a place to stay? D Street is callin' your name.

jamesb said...

Just revisited this old post and hung on every word. I'm finding your blog to be a great resource for my new found "interest"...