Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who owes me a beer?

It rained this morning and I got soaked. Not wet, soaked. I'm sure the rain had subsided by the time most of the other Summer Commuting Challengers were out the door. Lucky bastards.

So, did anyone drive this morning? Pay up at Yia Yia's tomorrow night. Usual time (I'll be sure to be at least an hour late).

Anyone racing in the Cornhusker State Games Adventure Race on Saturday or the Mountain bike race on Sunday? Branched Oak Area 1 is the place. I'll be out there on Sunday helping with the race. Stop out and say hi.


MG said...

i'm still among the drinkers... the ground was wet yesterday when i rode in, but no rain. this morning's ride in was beautiful.

see ya' tonight at yia yias, and also on sunday at the CSG MTB race. i might go out and spectate at the adventure race saturday...

schlake's racing both days -- adventure race saturday, mtb sunday. he's a hard man.

3p0 said...

I thought about driving today,

just cuz I know the cheet won't be downtown tonight,,,

Chris said...

Ahhhh, lucky week for me I guess. Rode everything listed below, and didn't get wet!

I worked on Monday. MD appointment Tues morning and school that night. Rode the park Weds early evening with a good bunch! Missed the rain late Wedsday evening and Thursday morning, then ran errands around town and out to SCC for class on Thursday night.

My wife recently put 10.00 dollars in gas in our VW (my car because the A/C is broke), and my goal is not to put any more fuel in that car until August, maybe even September.

I might see you down at Yia Yia's for a pint tonight. I start my stretch on at work tomorrow.. Saturday-Monday of next week.

Peace out

monkeygirl said...

I owe a beer, after a double flat series yesterday, I exhausted on board resources after the first flat, I had to call for pick up. I should have just walked to cycleworks in hind sight, it would have taken a long time, but what the heck where was I in such a hurry to get to. Oh well 20/20 hindsight, blind in one eye facing forward. However I am not sure yet if I can payout tonight because the son is talking about having friends over, in which case I will have to man command central to ensure no shinnanegans, I do not think that is spelled correctly but you get the idea.

Chris said...

Hey, I'm not running the challenge, but it sounds like you need a bye for yesterday....two flats...ouch.

monkeygirl said...

yep it sort of really got me down that is how I ended up calling for the pick up I guess, then I was bummed that I did that instead of just calling and saying see you when I see you. I knew the tube I had replaced in the first flat was not going to hold but I really thought I would make it cycleworks before it failed. live and learn.

Cornbread said...

Double flats = no owed beer. That's just bad luck. Sorry to hear about it Regina.