Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenger - Steve aka Beerorkid

Name: Steve Ramos, Beerorkid, Esteban, Raul

Distance of daily commute: 1.1 miles Head home for lunch every day, so 4.4 miles total per day.

Average commuting miles per week: 22

Estimation of gas saved per week: figure it is roughly 1 gallon, so $3.50

Primary commuting bike: single speeded GF sugar 1 double squishy

An interesting story about your commute (anything goes):

Living near Park middle school makes heading to work scary cuz of all the traffic from parents dropping off their spawn. I usually hop on the sidewalk. During lunch some of the children taunt me, I usually stick my finger in my nose. Oh the children love that ;) Then I get to cross 3 busy streets, 9th, 10th, and 13th. I like to wave at people who look miserable in their car. Maybe 1 out of 10 wave back, the rest just glare at me like I am some kind of wierdo. Near "intoxicants" there is usually a guy who lives or hangs out in his van who has a prosthetic leg. it is a very oldschool looking and I bet it smells of rotten cheese. When heading home there is a weak little curb that I sometimes bunnyhop. I am deathly afraid of bunnyhopping curbs cuz I think I am gonna wreck cuz I aint got no skilz. So the weak little curb is boosting my confidence. There is a sweet little jump on G street cuz a tree is making the sidewalk buckle. I catch mad air. Taking the same path 4 times a day lets me see some cool stuff. Like a deceased squirrel one day and watching it transform from fresh to pancake. i also found a digital camera near a curb. No naked pics on it though :(

Cycling aspirations:

To keep on it. Not looking to become more daring, faster, or compete with others. Just really enjoy the feeling of riding and have enjoyed all the cool peeps I have met. When folk go out and ride on purpose getting all sweaty and wearing themselves out for fun, you know they are decent peeps.


Anonymous said...

hey steve!

Beerorkid said...


(waves at screen)

MG said...

it's always awesome riding with you steve. you definitely keep it real... real fun, that is.

you got skillz too.

mad air dude... it's epic.