Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenger - RockD

Name: Rick (Rockd)

Distance of daily commute: 8 miles usually, every other I travel and additional 30 miles with my trailer.

Average commuting miles per week: 35 - 75

Estimation of gas saved per week: 5 - 7 gallons

Primary commuting bike: Bike Friday for now, the Eisentraut should return in August.

An interesting story about your commute:

In one of my working lives I travel to businesses with my massage chair and do onsite seated massage. I use my bob trailer to haul the chair. As I travel to and from these places I have encountered other riders and the converstions usually go something like this.

Other rider: you going far today?
me: nope, just to 84th and Vandorn.
o.r. where did you start today?
me: out by Capital Beach.
o.r.: you trainning for something?
me: no, just going to work

Cycling aspirations: I love riding on the open road and hope to someday do PBP race and ride to Roca.

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NNs said...

ah this makes me happy.