Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenger - Oly

Name: Oly

Distance of daily commute: 4.25 miles one way

Average commuting miles per week: 42.5 miles

Estimation of gas saved per week: ~$10 or ~$3 (Tundra vs. FZ1)

Primary commuting bike: Karate Monkey SS

Interesting story about commute:

When I first started commuting last year and got clipless pedals/shoes for the first time, I lost my balance while rotating the bike 90 degrees at the stop light at 70th and Old Cheney (SW corner, before they redid it) and fell over in rush hour traffic on the street corner. My clipped in foot was stuck underneath the bike and I had a heck of a time getting enough rotation to get released. Therapy is going well...

Cycling aspirations:

To have fun riding bikes.


Anonymous said...

When i first started riding clipless i got stuck in them on east campus and fell into some wood chips right as some ruffian high schoolers were passing by in their chevy citation. They did the 'haw haw' and i gave them the bird. They proceeded to stop then peel out backwards (crazy in that car) and take off back towards me. Realizing the odds of a clown packed car of schoolies and my lack of wanting to take on an army of knuckleheads i jetted. They chased me down the sidewalk (still in their car) but then i cut through some yards and jumped some stuff and was feeling pretty knarly for getting away in such a fashion.

Good times...Keep on riding.

Beerorkid said...

I have yet to fall over, but I twisted my ankle something fierce on a TNMWR.

nice commuter

gravy said...

When I started riding clipless, I was crossing 27th street just south of A. I hopped up onto the island and noticed a fine young jogger jogging. I came to a stop on the island cuz traffic was coming. While still enamoured with the joggetter, I forgot I was one with the bike. Bonk. Broke my wing. I can only blame my eyes on that one.

MG said...

nice stories... esp. gravy. i can relate to the 'caught gawking' instances.

i read somewhere that a rider falls over on average three times during their 'clipless initiation.' based on my experience (albeit 17 years ago), i'd have to say they're about right. i think my wife laura only fell over twice, but she's always been an overachiever.

Congratulations on your commitment to commuting Oly, and thanks again Cornbread for the Commuter Challenge!!


monkeygirl said...

I fall over all the time cuz I am stuck to my bike what is this initiation thing you speak of???

Anonymous said...


(Lessening the tension and re-lubricating the springs on your pedals sometimes helps for easier exits)

Cornbread said...

Shit, I fell over probably a half of dozen times when I first got clipless pedals. Did it a few times at stop lights in front of traffic. Thinkin' I was "cool" taking a lane trying to track stand at the red light. Proceeded to fall and look like a complete idiot.

Ah...humility. Good lesson to learn with clipless pedals.

MG said...

heh heh heh... you said 're-lubricating'. cool. heh heh heh...