Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenge Update

The summer is flyin' by and the Commuting Challenge is still going strong. Fourteen riders are part of the challenge. Fourteen people have decided to give up their car for vocational commuting and have made an impact on the local air quality, their cardiovascular fitness, and their pocketbook.

The weather has been rather kind thus far. I've only gotten wet once or twice. We'll see how everyone holds up in the dog days of summer.

So, who owes me a beer this week? Yia Yia's tonight around 7. Charge up those lights. Let's ride bikes tonight.


MG said...

i had to bring a bike into the office yesterday to ship out, so i drove back from lunch...

i'll buy y'all beers. even though i could probably take a 'gimme' on that one, i like buyin' beers for my buds.

that sounded pretty redneck, but you know me...

it was a fantastic ride in this morning. temperature was almost chilly when i took off, but was perfect once underway. i'm diggin this crazy july we're having. two days of cool weather for every hot day... oh pg gb.

see ya tonight,

scott showen said...

check out my bike, its got a built in light saber.

MG said...

... i wish i had one of those.

good ridin' with ya' yesterday showen.