Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenge Update

Well, this was a short week. Did anyone drive to work? Pay up at the usual spot tonight. I may or may not make it down tonight. Got a lot to do prior to the race tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, Chris has joined the challenge, so be sure to welcome him.


MG said...

i like riding bikes... and the front tire on my car is still flat. it's starting to get into the 'pride of not fixing it' stage. hmmm... maybe i should sell it?

see ya at the race tomorrow cornbread. i'm not gonna go down to yia yia's tonight. like you, lotsa race prep stuff to do... like drinking water.


obanta said...

I rode in all 5 days this past week, as I worked on July 4th. I was feeling great Monday but then Tuesday through Friday I struggled with just riding in. My stomach was upset and I just had no energy. Not sure what the deal was but my daughter had similar symptoms a few days before I had any. Feeling better today, finally, but going to take it easy this weekend and hopefully be 100% Monday.