Monday, July 30, 2007

Laramie Enduro

Rolled in to Laramie with Sox on Friday afternoon after a 7 - 8 hour drive. Picked up race packets at Fine Edge (fairly small shop with a relatively small inventory, but quality bikes). Grabbed a bite to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Probably ate too much, but damn, it sure was good.

The start of the race is easy to find. Just look for Lincoln off of I-80.

Planned on camping on Friday evening, but rain changed those plans.

Lansen joined us at the Motel 8.

That buck knife sure works well on peanut butter.

Lots of fog at race time. This is I-80 prior to start of the race.

Great turn out for the race. Over 300 racers lined up for the start. The race keeps getting bigger every year. Several pros made it to the race. Spotted Kent Eriksen at the race on one of his beauties. The guy kicked my butt.

The start was really fast. Tried to hang on as long as I could, but eventually hit a wall. Backed it down after a couple of crashes and finished in maintenance mode. Stopped twice to take a crap. Too much fiber. I guess that box of Wheat Thins was a bad idea. Rode with Grethcen Reeves (pro that rides for Tokyo Joe's) for about 20 miles. I'd pull on the gravel roads and she'd drop my arss on the climbs. She's fast. She kicked my butt too.

Gonna put this one down on the calender for next year. Hope to recruit more Nebraskans to come along. Thanks to Sox and Lansen for coming along.


monkeygirl said...

ok I was skimming but I did not see the word knees so they must have held, good work.

capn cowbell said...

Good to hear that the race was good. I'll miss you at Leadville as I am having ACL reconstruction on Aug 9th. I won't even make it to watch. Maybe next year.

Cornbread said...

Dang Bob. That sux. Sorry to hear about the knee. How did you do it?

You'll be missed at Leadville. Was hopin' to follow you up.

mw said...

nice report. i'd like to get to laramie again some year. its a good race. when i did it in 2000 or 99 there were 400 starters. i wanna say that was the 3rd year for it. then it skipped a year due to a land ownership deal. i made it again in 04...need to go again sometime.

capn cowbell said...

Not sure how or when. More than likely 3 yrs ago trail running in Leadville. It hasn't given me problems until the last 5-6 months. With school starting Sept 4th, I needed to have surgery with a couple weeks to spare hence Aug 9th. You'll do fine at LT100. Just remember rain gear and ride your own ride. Tell the LT100 office hi from Nebraska Bob.

jake rhythms with cake said...

yeah, laramie always has crazy-ass weather.

wheat thins are bad bad bad before an endurance race. LOL! you should try GU and Gu20, GU as a food supplement (sits nicely in your stomach, easy to carry during the race; give you 45 mins of natural & pure energy) ... Gu20 is a sports drink w/ protein (kind of like Accelerade -- but way better -- Gu20 was the originator).

you can get both products through:

Sorry to spam your site, just wanted to share this awesome stuff with ya. (and they're my sponsor) LOL!

gjc said...

great job at Laramie. Wow! you are one fast fastie.

millhouse said...

I'm thinking of doing the race this year for the first time. I'd love to pick your brain for some details sometime so I know a little of what to expect.