Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yep, I'm lazy.

Well, I guess I better post something cuz Steph says so. Sorry I didn't post sooner....I'm lazy.

Getting ready to head to the Lumberjack 100 this weekend. Took a vacation day tomorrow and have Friday off as my day off for the week (I work part time plus and get one day off per week). Took Monday off as my day off for the week for next week and put in for a vacation day on Tuesday (just in case Skip and I get held up after the Lumberjack). I looked at the calender and noticed from June 2nd to July 8th, I will only work 13 days. Do the math and that's only 35% of the time. Fuck you American work ethic! I'm rich bitch! Well, not really, but I'm sure enjoying life. Why work 90% of your life? No thanks.

Not really looking forward to driving 900 plus miles to get to the race, but stoked to be going with Skip. We're taking his Prius, so hopefully we'll be able to get there rather cheap (50 mpg on the highway). I'm kinda worried about how my knees will hold up. Still having pain pretty much all the time. Even soft pedaling to work. I know I should probably rest and not race, but fuck it, I sat out two races two weeks ago and don't wanna do it again. Time to suck it up and grind some teeth.

There's a new resident at the Hotel. CVO has joined us at the Dirtbag Mansion. He moved into the Cubicle of Hate and has made it nice and cozy. I'm rather impressed at how nice it looks in there. Just be careful of the ghost. Seriously. Ask Dave Story. I guess one of his friends or maybe his brother woke up one night and noticed a ghost strangling his girlfriend. So the story goes. Crazy shite.

There's been some interesting happenings next door at the low income housing apartment. The crackheads are at it again! Yay! They should make a reality show from these people. I love sitting in my room at night trying to sleep listening to them argue like five year olds. Just the other day there was a very entertaining ruckus next door. I'll sum it up for ya.

Early one afternoon, one crackhead called another crackhead, ironically, a crackhead and that crackhead got pissed at the other crackhead. So the pissed-off crackhead leaves for a bit after demonstrating to all the children watching how to "Keep it real" which basically consisted of him cussing up a storm using fuckin' for every other word, throwing a bottle and threatening to kill someone. Oh about five minutes later the crackhead comes back and commences to get beat down by a third crackhead. After getting pummeled for a minute, he was forced into the cracked-out apartment building. I swear I heard a muffled gun shot about five minutes later. The Police showed up and settled everyone down for a bit. Not sure if anyone got taken away, but it sure was nice to hear silence.

Around 3 am they decided to continue their debate. The joys of cheap rent.

Oh...what's this? Channel 8 News is parked outside in the street. Gotta go. Maybe I did hear a gunshot the other night.


Anonymous said...

For most of the year the ghost of christmas future lives at d-street.

He is a mean motherf*cker. Choking, throwing-up at parties, shooting at people...just watch out for yourselves. I ran across him a couple times in the laundry room while he was washing his cloak. Not a talker. He really means business even when it's not christmas eve.

3p0 said...

you have got to be kidding me about a ghost,

anyone got a spare room to rent out...?

something knocked over my silent bob action figure last night..

yeah, I collect action figures,

er dolls,
hmmm, maybe that's why i'm single...

MG said...

you can bring your dolls to play at my house anytime cvo.

oh, and we've even got a spare bed. you're welcome to that too.

man, you guys got action 24/7 over there on d st. things are peaceful over here on the j... street, that is.