Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update on Summer Commuting Challenge

Well the third week of the Summer Commuting Challenge has already begun. My week is over for commuting to work. Got 60 miles in for the week. Anyone tracking mileage for the event? I may start just for the hell of it.

Here's an update on the first two weeks.

Week 1

Gersib is the first to drive. Reason? Vocational. He bought beers for everyone at Yia Yia's on Friday evening. Thanks dude!

Week 2

Run into a shit ton of mud on the trail due to the flash flooding. Lots of rain all week.

Finally got a pic of this sweet pickup in the well-to-do South Edenton development on the southeast side of town. I'm sure this kid's parents are embarrassed beyond belief...or maybe not. I think it's funny.

So has anyone driven to work this week? Come on. Tell the truth. I know many of you probably got soaked today. Nice work. Stay out of those coffins. Fuck gas.


3p0 said...

come friday 3rd week.

275 miles commuting, I'm down to 15 miles each day commuting instead of 20.. doh.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Gas indeed.

obanta said...

Tomorrow will be day 14 of 70. I have ridden every working day. None of this working 4 days/week and taking vacation crap! :)

I need to run an errand at lunch tomorrow that I can't do with a bicycle, so tonight I drove my truck to the hospital with the KM in the back and rode home. I'm going to keep the truck at work for a week or two and see how the single motor vehicle household thing works in practice as I'd eventually like to do that.

Good luck this weekend.

Cornbread said...

Way to plan ahead Oliver. That's true dedication.

Beerorkid said...

on that rainy day I got a ride during the lunch hour, but I rode to and from work. Do I owe beers?

MaGGiE's said...

i am surprised i dont owe y'all a beer or two yet. especially after wednesday's soaker ride....

MG said...

... that was quite a refreshing ride into work wednesday, wasn't it?

the si hasn't moved. drove to the race saturday with cvo, but otherwise, we're g2g g.

fuck gas indeed,

Cornbread said...

What up Maggie! Sorry I missed you earlier. Glad you've stepped up to the challenge.